Brand Deck

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This little exercise will identify your brand’s characteristics.

To play, round up a few people who understand your brand best. Each person sorts the cards into the different piles (You are, You are not, and Does not apply), discussing the choices along the way. Now, here’s the important part: the cards should describe how you want to be perceived by your audience. Once all the cards have been placed in the piles, focus on the ‘You are’ pile and narrow it down to 1 - 6 cards - these will be your brand’s characteristics. Ready? Let’s go.
brand deck 1

To play, sort all the cards in the deck into 3 categories.
The fewer in You are & You are not the better.

brand deck 1

The Not Safe for Work Brand Deck has not been
optimized for client-facing solutions.

brand deck 1
We're teaming up with the guy who knows horrible best, Max Temkin, the co-creator of Cards Against Humanity. Surely you can use your imagination as to what will be inside this deck. The game will still be best played as a group, but instead of around a board room table, this game is best played over a few (too many) beers.